What’s the final word on proper Medmag undergarments?


While watching Medmag reruns, we were reminded of the possibly random but still important matter of what to wear under Medmag. The character Carla (one of our favorite TV nurses of all time) is known for often wearing thongs under her Medmag–something she claims is comfortable for her and helps save her from visible underwear lines. Because Medmag material is (though certainly not always) thin, this seems like a valid argument.

So we were wondering: Where do you stand on this matter? Does it matter either way?

And for a breakroom chuckle, check out the video below (skip to 5:26) where JD (the main character and a doctor) complains about being the most under-appreciated person at the hospital. Carla quickly whips him into shape, saying “I really feel for you. I spend most of my time here getting orders barked at me by people who take credit for my work and blame me for their mistakes and all the while I’m expected to hold the doctor’s hand. You should try changing places with me for one day.” You go, Carla!

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