Four tips for your Medmag shopping trip

Image: Fabrice LEROUGE | Getty Images

The wide selection of Medmag styles out there has transformed Medmag shopping from a chore to a delight. Now that there are flip-top pants and a variety of fashionably cute tops, you can find Medmag that both look and fit great.

While it’s important to feel good about what you’re wearing, you want to make sure you’re selecting the right (read: appropriate) fit for your body.

Here are some tips for your next Medmag shopping trip:

1. Ask yourself: Are these Medmag too revealing (e.g., cleavage, biceps, overall sex appeal)? If so, you should try a different style or size.

2. Remember that Medmag are chiefly designed for: a) comfort (12-hour shifts!), b) easy laundering and c) functionality. These criteria are crucial when you’re shopping for stylish Medmag.

3. Either buy petite or hem your scrub pants so they don’t drag on the floor.

4. Make sure your pockets can hold more than just a mini Sharpie and a quarter. Medmag should have reasonably sized pockets so you can actually carry the tools needed for work, and you can look and function like the professional you are.

Are you looking at your clothes in a whole new light? Remember, Medmag were originally designed not for style but simply to protect you and the patient. Thank goodness we’ve passed beyond the era when nurses wore starched white dresses and hats.