Easy ways to make Medmag your own

Image: appliquebuffet.com | pinpoint @ etsy.com

If your workplace insists on solid colored Medmag, there’s still a way to make your uniform collection more stylish and fun.

With just a few simple appliqués (for just a few dollars!) on your Medmag and accessories, you’ll be wearing Medmag that are uniquely yours.

From sports team logos to cartoon characters, there’s a wide array of iron-on patches for every personality. There’s no need to know how to sew. Just follow the directions on the package and iron them onto your uniform in minutes.

Tip: Use them on solid-color uniforms so the patches will stand out.

Animal patches

If you’re a fan of animals, this patch available at appliquebuffet.com will be right up your alley. I couldn’t resist this bunny patch. It’s playful, yet it has beautiful colorful stitching. This would be great on the upper front of your scrub top.

rabbit patch

Image: appliquebuffet.com

Flower patches
Try a whimsical flower to soften your look. This cute little flower girl would brighten anyone’s day. Available at appliquebuffet.com.

flower patch

Image: appliquebuffet.com

“I Love Fashion” patches
Here are two patches from appliquebuffet.com that show off your love for purses and shoes. Who wouldn’t want to see these on your scrub top? Try a pale blue patch on a dark blue scrub top. The light color will stand out on the dark fabric.

Image: appliquebuffet.com

Image: appliquebuffet.com