Fun with dress codes

Image: Jen Bennett

Do you wish you were in charge of making up the dress code at your workplace? Here are our best articles about Medmag style to inform and enlighten any Medmag uniform policymaker!

Enlightened uniform policies that your workplace might adopt

  • Are you too tattooed to be a nurse? – Visible tattoos may just be a no-no if you’re in nursing school, working in a hospital, or other healthcare settings. What do you think the guidelines should be?
  • 15 Medmag fashion blunders – Are you a DO… or a DON’T? Check out the ultimate 15 Medmag fashion blunders and stay in style!
  • Would you wear animal print Medmag? – How open-minded is your place of work? And are you the kind of nurse who is ready to make a statement?!?!
  • Pros and cons of color coded Medmag – The goal of color coding is simple. It offers a sort of visual shorthand that lets you differentiate one specialty or department from another. But some nurses really can’t stand it.
  • Poll: How often do you knowingly break the dress code? – Whether you’re a nurse who’s heavily pierced and likes to use your ‘sleeved’ arm as an ice breaker with patients, or you just happen to work for a facility with an impossibly strict dress code, we want to know: Are you a dress code breaker?