Social Validation in Nursing


The concept of looking to other people for guidance in situations is not a new one – we do this unconsciously and automatically when we aren’t certain what to do in a situation. This is true whether we’re looking for professional recommendations or we’re simply reading product reviews on Amazon prior to purchasing something. What [...]

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6 Stories of False Accusations & The Aftermath


There's a movement right now. There's no doubt about it. It's a refreshing time where people are feeling strong enough to come forward and face their abusers. Our industry is fraught with abuse, from patients to co-workers, but it doesn't stop there. As editor of this magazine, I receive dozens of letters every month from [...]

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An ER Kicks the Habit of Opioids for Pain


PATERSON, N.J. — Brenda Pitts sat stiffly in an emergency room cubicle, her face contorted by pain. An old shoulder injury was radiating fresh agony down to her elbow and up through her neck. She couldn’t turn her head. Her right arm had fallen slack. Fast relief was a pill away — Percocet, an opioid [...]

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