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“Opinions, Everyone Has One”


We caught up with Slava Chuklansev, a BSN, RN Supervisor (Psych) and asked for his top ten tips while becoming a Nurse. You may have seen him alongside his cardiac nurse wife, Gayana Chuklansev.From being somewhat selfish, to being empathetic, Slava pulls no punches, and lays down his survival guide to becoming a nurse. 1) When [...]

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Studies Show Vitamin D and Fish Oil Supplements Not As Effective As Believed


Most people believe that supplements, combined with eating the right diet and being active regularly, can be very beneficial at preventing serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Most of this belief has been dependent on the aggressive marketing of companies that produce the supplements, making exaggerated claims. Many doctors have always questioned the [...]

Studies Show Vitamin D and Fish Oil Supplements Not As Effective As Believed2019-05-17T15:42:27+00:00

NCLEX practice test packet


Thinkstock Are you ready to pass the NCLEX? Whether you're feeling confident or chewing up your highlighter cap in anticipation, one thing's for certain: This is one B-I-G test! Each exam taker will answer a minimum of 75 questions. Get prepared with our NCLEX practice test packet. This 9-part test consists of 100 [...]

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